Determinants of Delivery of Devolved Services in Selected Counties in Kenya

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dc.description Doctor of Philosophy in Governance and Leadership en_US
dc.description.abstract Devolution is a tool that brings government services closer to the people. Several countries are devolving functions having the intentions of improving service delivery, enhance governance, accountability and increase equity. However, Kenya devolution was found to be an ambitious program, counties are facing challenges in enhancing devolved service delivery. Majority of the counties are still slower in implementation of social project. As a result, most people are yet to feel its impacts devolution. Thus, this study investigates the determinants of delivery of devolved services in selected counties Kenya. The study has four independent variables as follows: management support, financial resources, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement, the moderating variable is legal framework and the dependent variable is devolved service delivery. The study has adopted a mixed method approach. The study targets a population of 35,444 staff from 8 counties. A set of questionnaires was used, that comprised of a sample of 384 employees selected from eight counties. Structured and open-ended questionnaires are used in the study. The population sample has been selected from the eight counties and the pilot study was conducted at Machakos Cronbach’s alpha was used to test for internal reliability of each variable used in the study and the present study results demonstrates that all variables had Cronbach alpha of more than 0.70. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics, correlation and regression analysis. Diagnostics test were carried out. Findings showed management support, financial resources, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement have significant and positive effect on devolved service delivery. More results revealed that legal framework had positive and significant moderating effect on the relationship between management support, strategic planning, financial resources and service delivery. The study concludes that management support provides an enabling environment at the county level that facilitates effective devolved service delivery. Financial resources are the drivers of projects at the county government. It is however a delicate balance since the resources may be in place but the mechanisms are non-existent. Also, the study has indicated that strategic planning creates the framework that enhances devolved service delivery. Particularly, it increases coordination, decision making and information exchange at the county level. Additionally, stakeholder engagement has the potential to improve devolved service delivery. It not only improves communication but it also enhances legitimacy and provides more sustainable decision for the management of natural resources. Therefore, it is important for the county government to provide for financial and organizational resources for the county services. Specifically, there is need for leadership support and supervision to the county during projects implementation. There is need for the county governments to prepare plans and budgets with high level of participation and ownership of stakeholders. Specifically, stakeholders can be involved in all the policy processes right from problem formulation, agenda setting to implementation in an attempt to reduce resistance. However, future studies should consider more determinants of service delivery in county governments of Kenya. en_US
dc.description.sponsorship Prof. Mike Iravo, PhD JKUAT, Kenya Dr. Assumptah Kagiri, PhD JKUAT, Kenya Signature en_US
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dc.subject Counties in Kenya en_US
dc.subject Devolved Services en_US
dc.subject Delivery en_US
dc.subject Determinants en_US
dc.title Determinants of Delivery of Devolved Services in Selected Counties in Kenya en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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