Africa-ai-Japan Project

Africa-ai-Japan Project


The “AFRICA-ai-JAPAN” Project is a joint initiative involving JKUAT, PAUSTI and JICA. This project will strengthen the knowledge and skills mainly in the fields of ; Agriculture, Engineering, Science and Biotechnology of both PAUSTI and JKUAT students and staff. The AFRICA- ai-JAPAN Project is managed through task forces, where an umbrella body referred to as the main task forces coordinates all projects activities. Specialized teams were formed based on research focus which are referred to as sub-task forces, these teams focus on innovative research activities in the areas of Agriculture, Technology and basic sciences. The Sub-task force ensures development of strong links between JKUAT students and staff with those of PAUSTI. However, the activities of the sub-task forces are being monitored and evaluated by an M&E Committee.


Vision An empowered and motivated human resource for industrial development in the areas of Science, Technology and Innovation in Africa. Mission Promotion of innovative research by harnessing indigenous knowledge, resources, experiences and wisdom to meet developmental needs of Africa Objectives To promote the full utilization of local/ indigenous knowledge, resources, experiences and wisdom geared towards African Innovation (ai). To strengthen the knowledge and ability of PAUSTI/ JKUAT students and industries to actualize their innovative ideas and; To encourage vitality with actions of both private and government industries in Africa.

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