FruitVolatiles, Quality, and Yield of Watermelon as Affected by Grafting

Show simple item record Passam, H. C. Paraskevopoulos, A. Ntatsi, G. Vlachou, G. Ropokis, Α. Olympios, C. Petropoulos, S. A. 2018-02-23T09:20:14Z 2018-02-23T09:20:14Z 2018-02-23
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dc.description.abstract The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of grafting of watermelon hybrids ‘Obla F1 ’ and ‘Vanessa F1 ’ on to Cucurbita maxima × Cucurbita moschata rootstock TZ 148 and Lagenaria sp. rootstock ‘Dias F1 ’, on the volatiles and yield of fruit and the plant growth. Fruit volatiles analysis showed the presence of two aldehydes, namely (E)-2-nonenal and (E,Z)-2,6-nonadien-1-al, with (E)-2-nonenal being present at higher concentrations in grafted than in un-grafted plants. Grafted plants had also higher growth rate, total yield, and fruit number than un-grafted plants, whereas the percent dry matter of leaves and shoots was higher in ungrafted plants. No differences were observed for mean fruit weight, fruit shape, and rind thickness. Fruit from grafted plants had more compact flesh and less acid fruit juice than fruit from ungrafted plants. Fruit volatile components differed between ungrafted and grafted plants. With regards to sugar content, no significant differences between grafted and ungrafted plants were observed, except in the case of ‘Obla F1 ’ hybrids. Sodium concentration of plant tissues and fruit was higher in ‘Obla F1 ’ ungrafted plants, as well as carotenoid, lycopene, and vitamin C content in fruit, but only in the second year. In conclusion, rootstock-scion combination implemented in the present study affected plant growth and fruit yield and quality, rendering the choice of rootstocks and scions of major importance in order to achieve the highest yield and quality of watermelon fruit. Keywords: Citrullus vulgaris L., Obla F1 hybrid, Vanessa F1 hybrid, Volatiles profile en_US
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dc.subject Volatiles profile en_US
dc.subject Vanessa F1 hybrid en_US
dc.subject Obla F1 hybrid en_US
dc.subject Citrullus vulgaris L. en_US
dc.title FruitVolatiles, Quality, and Yield of Watermelon as Affected by Grafting en_US
dc.type Working Paper en_US

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