Nutritional Performance and Metabolic Characteristics of Cattle Fed Spineless Cactus

Show simple item record de Siqueira, M. C. B. Ferreira, M. A. Monnerat, J. P. I. S. Silva, J. L. Costa, C. T. F. Conceição, M. G. Soares, A. A. de Andrade, I. B. Chagas, J. C. C. 2018-01-23T12:31:52Z 2018-01-23T12:31:52Z 2018-01-23
dc.description Paper en_US
dc.description.abstract The effect of the inclusion of spineless cactus [0, 14.7, 29.4, 44.1, and 58.8% of Dry Matter (DM)] basis in replacement of Tifton hay on the intake and digestibility of nutrients, feeding behavior, and nitrogen compounds balance were evaluated. Five crossbred steers, rumen fistulated, with average body weight of 380±5.3 kg were assigned to a 5×5 Latin square design. The time spent with rumination activity linearly decreased (P< 0.05) with the inclusion of spineless cactus; and the feeding time showed a quadratic effect (P< 0.05), with a minimum time of 195 min d - 1 estimated with 35.7% of spineless cactus inclusion. The nutrient intake showed a quadratic effect (P< 0.05), with a maximum intake of DM (8.9 kg d - 1 ), Crude Protein (CP; 1.4 kg d - 1 ), and Dig estible Organic Matter (DOM; 5.8 kg d - 1 ) estimated with 33.9, 29.9, and 41.8% of spineless cactus inclusion, respectively. Except (P> 0.05) to Neutral Detergent Fiber corrected to ash and protein (apNDF), the total digestibility of DM linearly increased (P < 0.05) with spineless cactus inclusion replacing Tifton hay. Except for plasma and urinary urea nitrogen, which were not affected (P> 0.05), there was a quadratic effect (P< 0.05) on nitrogen balance, with a maximum value of 170 g d - 1 estimated with 33.2% of spineless cactus inclusion. It is recommended to include 41.8% spineless cactus in replacement of Tifton hay for crossbred cattle, due to the higher DOM intake without altering the nitrogen efficiency use. Keywords : Alternative feed, Drought, Fiber, In take, Nopalea cochenillifera Salm - Dyck, Rumination time. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.publisher JKUAT en_US
dc.subject Rumination time. en_US
dc.subject Nopalea cochenillifera Salm - Dyck en_US
dc.subject In take en_US
dc.subject Fiber en_US
dc.subject Drought en_US
dc.subject Alternative feed en_US
dc.title Nutritional Performance and Metabolic Characteristics of Cattle Fed Spineless Cactus en_US
dc.type Working Paper en_US

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